Our Services

Technical Services

With the ever-changing needs and demands of the public utilities industry, including hydro, SR Diversified, LLC has the technical resources to assist your organization. We provide technical services through the expertise of Hydro Engineers and Hydro Technical Specialists to take your hydro generation projects from conceptual analysis through commissioning; ensuring that all systems and components are installed, tested, operated, and maintained in accordance with the owner's operational requirements.

Some of our services include:

  • Develop and facilitate comprehensive start-up test procedures for substations and hydroelectric power generating facilities
  • Qualified electrical inspection
  • Review of design drawings/constructability review
  • Powerhouse commissioning assistance – providing the owner the ability to have an independent representative observe the initial factory testing of new system components to ensure design specifications are met
  • Project management/scheduling
  • Construction inspection
  • Early Contractor Involvement – we partner with the owner to provide an independent evaluation of submitted designs, to ensure industry standards and consistent, functional facility design criteria are in place. The process provides valuable input into the project planning phases without the greater commitment required when using the more conventional Design/Build method.