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Construction SR Diversified, LLC holds a "Class A" General Engineering Contractor license and assists utilities with large project components as the Prime Contractor. Our construction team consists of subcontractors and partners, all of whom have extensive experience on projects supporting the utility industry; including gas, transmission, and power generation. One of our partners and mentors, Syblon Reid, is a general engineering contractor recognized as a leader in successfully completing technical and difficult engineering construction projects that require a high level of skill in both problem solving and risk management. These skills are integrated with the clients' needs to provide solutions, using a variety of project delivery methods.

Innovative Vault Remediation Product

We have partnered with CFI Composites for a Vault Remediation System that is a non-invasive, no-dig procedure allowing the vault to remain in-service and with limited interruption to traffic while the rehabilitation is performed. The material applied to the walls and ceiling is a custom engineered caulking system with fabric. No heavy equipment is needed and pavement is unaffected. All work is performed within the vault/manhole and a specialized installation trailer. The final product is stronger than the original concrete structure.